Free Shipping

Regarding delivery

After confirming the customer's payment, it will be ready for shipment. (Delivery time varies depending on the product. Please inquire at the time of ordering)

Delivery time can not be specified for the convenience of the shipping company.

If the customer is absent, an absentee vote will be included.


The unloading of our products is basically on the car.

On arrival at the time of goods arrival, after confirming that there is no shortage or damage of each quantity, please sign or seal on-site charge, and then receive the goods.

When ordering a product with a large weight or volume, please check in advance whether it is possible to deliver, and check the space such as the entrance or passage.

Depending on the size of the product, manual preparation may be required for unloading.

We do not perform product assembly / installation / garbage collection. Please note that you will be working on your own.